Graphic designer and fellow "Brother of the Leaf" (BOTL) Neal Wollenberg and Jessi Flores have been friends for many years dating back to the early beginnings of the Dirty Rat culture. Both being creative and talented artists in their own genre, their art medium were different and works inspired each other. Though their art medium were different and distinct, Neal and Jessi shared on very important common trait they are both dedicated and passionate family men whose children's health is the #1 priority in their lives. Their love for their children led to this beautiful collaboration.

Learning of Jessi's daughter Stephanie Nicole's life threatening fight with cancer and the hardships Jessi and his family were going through, Neal decided he would donate his digital designs to grow awareness of cancer and especially the overwhelming challenges of fighting cancer in Nicaragua.

Here we have two amazing fathers and fellow artist fighting for the better well being of their families and to everyone fighting the battle of cancer. 

The Neal Wollenberg Collection is exclusively available to purchase on

All proceeds from this collaboration will go to help Stephanie Nicole Flores medical care and expenses in Nicaragua.

Stay Strong, think of Hope!

And heartfelt gratitude to Brother Neal Wollenberg.