Phuck Cancer

Phuck Cancer Collection is dedicated for my loving passionate oldest daughter
Stephanie Nicole and to bring awareness to her cause. At an early age she was
diagnosed with heart problems, bringing a lifetime of health issues. Knowing
that her life would be short not being able to operate on her heart, we
decided to leave it God’s hands. And as parents, we did our best for Stephanie
by filling her life with love and care. 
Sadly, in November 2019 she was diagnosed with cancerous tumors in her
kidney. Treatment meant she had to go through a high-risk surgery with high
mortality rate and due to her heart condition, she cannot go through the
chemo therapy in order to get her kidney extracted for her to continue on.
Due to covid19 she cannot get admitted to a secure public hospital.
Her battle continues on.
This campaign is for those that we have lost and/or are fighting their final
battle for their lives. 
Phuck Cancer campaign says in many ways that we have won and we are still
fighting, As a father I did not know about the impact this life threatening
disease had to one’s life and that of our loved ones. The Phuck Cancer design
was a way of bringing hope and light to everyone in the battle. 
Each item designed with thoughts of enlightening the path to see the Phuck
Cancer logo around the world and know of the importance of the journey.
Every item on this collection has been designed with love and care for
everyone to share the story of a lost family member or a survivor. 
Let’s give hope a chance!
Everyone that wears Phuck Cancer gear will be part of the fight for awareness.
100% of proceeds from Phuck Cancer items will go to my daughter Stephanie
Nicole’s medical expenses and health care in Nicaragua.
My family thanks you for your support and love.