Victms 1975 Heritage

As a “street vandal” I wanted my art to be seen throughout the city of Miami, Florida 
Stickers were the perfect medium. They could be plastered throughout the
city for everyone to see, photograph, collect, and share them. My goal was to share
my art to the world and hopefully influence others to do the same.
That same was goal was carried into my career in the cigar industry - creating
cigar artwork not only to promote the brand but also for the enjoyment of the
everyday cigar smokers worldwide.
But I wanted to share my artwork beyond the cigar community and to a wider
audience. This led to my current collaborations with fellow artist Neal
Wollenberg who is known for his beer themed artwork and brining blessed love to my daughter, amazing collaboration with Cigars forWarriors to create military themed graphics honoring the men and women in our Armed Forces, and with Janus Coffee Roasters.

Brothers Bates joining forces to create coffee blends custom artwork for each brand coffee bag. 
With much pleasure I bring to you VICTMS1975 HERITAGE COLLECTION 2020,
a different breed in design catering to the urban side of smoking cigars by
fusing native Nicaraguan folk art with urban street art.
The experience of sharing a cigar with a fellow BOTL & SOTL and getting to
know each other is one of the greatest pleasure we all share as cigar smokers.
Now you can share this experience in our cigar apparel, accessories, and wall
art. Included in this collection are items catering also to coffee and beer