About Victms 1975 by Jessi "Victms" Flores

Born in Estelí Nicaragua in the Northern region of the tobacco country, struck by the Sandinista revolution in 1978-79 Flores family migrated to United States to find a better life Growing up in Miami, Florida in the 80's, Jessi "Victms" Flores loved to tag his neighborhood and schools and found inspiration everywhere he went. Markers and show whiteners to drip tag on metro buses of the city. 
Previously known as Villains, Jessi “Victms” Flores adopted the famous “Victms” alias after his close friend Manny passed away in Miami tragically during a car accident in the 1990s in Miami Beach.
Streets of DADE COUNTY was art scene of art battles on roof tops and highways. High school was more of art school Jessi took all the technical classes in South Miami from wood shop, to welding courses. technical school in West Palm Beach (auto body paint). 
Moving to Nicaragua July 1997
Creative director for Drew Estate and founder infamous Subculture design Studios. 
Jessi Flores now known in the cigar industry as not only a passionate cigar smoker but a brand influencer from the streets of graffiti Miami crossing industrial design in the appareled industry, welcome everyone to see a tobacco art form, cigar art, the leaf art and culture of my native country, Nicaragua being my place of birth. I worked 20 years in the cigar industry leading the way for a culture in balance to brand designs to be embraced by the cigar smoker now I continue my legacy adding my design flair to the world. Jessi Flores 
Creating a magical experience with cigar trending culture designs and concepts from the soul telling the story of how an artist from the streets influenced industry  every design from wall to tattoo, t shirt, ashtrays, skateboards, sneakers, hardhats, branding to make the customer feel satisfied with the visual out look and higher appreciation for cigar art.
We welcome you into our lives. It's an honor to be in this exciting times of friendship and branding, understanding cigar apparel for you the cigar lover. 
Welcome to our my passionate fun side of the industry.
This is me Jessi Flores aka victms 1975.
Entrepreneur, artist and father welcome to my vision my world.
2021 is year of networking and collaborations to make this year an epic one grow to build each other up.
one love